VSL enables accurate measurement of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are pollutants present in indoor or outdoor air that can have a hazardous effect on our health. Did you know that a simple varnish or new furniture may emit a lot of VOC’s? Therefore, it is important to measure those pollutants correctly without any doubt on the outcome. VLS provides accurate reference standards enabling the calibration of measuring systems.

The preparation is done directly from pure organic liquids, or even from solids, by using dynamic generations methods (diffusion according to ISO 6145-part 8 and continuous injection according to ISO 6145-4). By applying these methods, gas standards are produced in-situ and they can be used for calibration of high accurate analytical equipment (e.g. Gas Chromatographs with Mass Spectrometer Detector) and for applications such as gas sensors. They can also be used for the preparation of transfer standards in sorbent tubes according to ISO16017-1 pumped sampling.

VSL can prepare a wide range of accurate gas standards from volatile (e.g. hexane) to semi-volatile (e.g. eicosane(C20) (up to 40 VOCs) at concentration levels ranging from few ng m-3 to 1000 µg m-3. Our generation methods are compared against our suite of Primary Reference Materials in high pressure cylinders containing aromatic hydrocarbons (BTEX) or ozone precursors (VOC).

A typical example of our activities is the preparation of transfer standards in thermal desorption tubes, where a dynamically prepared gas standard containing a mix of VOC in clean and dry air is sampled onto sorption tubes by pumped sampling of a known volume of gas mixture. These tubes are used by laboratories as Quality Control of their measurements and for method validation.

Because of the flexibility and broad range of VOCs that can be handled, VSL’s VOC-lab is used in R&D projects to develop new measurement methods or to test instrumentation and in interlaboratory comparisons to evaluate the accuracy or the measurement performance of laboratories.

Accreditations and scope
Calibration services by VSL are accredited against ISO 17025 by RvA (national accreditation body). ISO/IEC 17025 requires measurement results to be traceable to the International System of Units (SI).

Find additional information on our ISO 17025 accreditation scope at www.rva.nl, our calibration & measurement capabilities (CMC) at www.bipm.org and our portfolio can be found here.

Take a look around at our website or contact VSL@vsl.nl if you are interested.