VSL introduces digital secured certificates and reports for its calibrations that will replace the paper versions.


Up to now, VSL has provided its customers with paper certificates and reports. The digital provision of these documents fits better to the current social needs and requirements, but also has several important other advantages. VSL assures optimal quality of your measurement data. Importing digital certifications and authenticity validation is part of this process. Digital documents help you and us to save our environment, to minimize document storage and to avoid type errors of crucial data, as the copy of values into your own systems can take place much easier. Therefore, VSL decided to provide the documents in digital version only.

Authentication of documents
As the digital certificates must be authentic, VSL will provide these valuable documents with a digital signature. This signature is a digital seal on the document that prohibits making changes to the documents. Any change to the document will “break” the digital seal and will be displayed in the document. By this approach you or third parties can independently verify its authenticity and allows you to distribute the document freely by email or other means, while its authenticity remains valid. When you or a third party open the document in Acrobat Reader (downloadable for free on https://acrobat.adobe.com), the encrypted document will automatically be verified by internet on authenticity. The validity is displayed in the header of the document. 

More details can be verified in the signature window, like its latest validation by internet. Just click on the digital stamp, and the signature panel will open to display the details of the signature. By this means you are assured that the document is from the original sender and no additional stamps or signatures are required.


Digital certifications, reports and authenticity validations are a next step in VSL’s ambition to work and communicate paperless. VSL will continue the developments on a digital window for our valued relations and will keep you informed about the relevant status updates. 

With this step VSL is more futureproof. However, VSL understands that this change will affect you and your processes. If you have any questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact us at vsl@vsl.nl.