VSL celebrates start of construction new European Center for Flow Measurement


Rotterdam, March 18th, 2022 - National Metrology Institute VSL today drove the first pile of its new European Center for Flow Measurement on the Rotterdam Maasvlakte. In the facility, which has a flow rate six times greater than VSL's existing one in Dordrecht, modern technology can be used to perform very accurate calibrations of a larger range of liquid meters. These calibrations are becoming increasingly important and have to be carried out more accurately, for instance because liquids are becoming more expensive. Or scarcer, such as clean and safe drinking water. The European Center for Flow Measurement of VSL is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2022.

Fabienne van Booma, Managing Director of VSL, opened the ceremony at the Maasvlakte and spoke of a milestone for both VSL and for trade and industry in general. Van Booma: "Innovation is not possible without scientific measurement standards. With the realisation of the European Center for Flow Measurement, VSL once again confirms its leading position in metrology. Moreover, in this way we are making an important contribution to the further strengthening of the innovative power of the Netherlands."

After the opening ceremony, Erik Smits, Manager Liquid Flow Metrology and Marc Pieksma, Operational Director at VSL officially kicked off construction by dealing with the first, symbolic, hits. Erik Smits is pleased with the start of construction: "We as VSL and the Liquid Flow Metrology team are proud of this European measurement facility. We can already calibrate small diameter liquid meters very accurately. Thanks to the new European Center for Flow Measurement, we will soon be able to do this even more accurately and for meters with a larger diameter. Moreover, with this new and advanced installation, we will also be able to measure and calibrate the liquid meters for the sustainable and renewable liquids. In this way, we are making a substantial contribution to the energy transition."

Marc Pieksma added: "With this new facility, the European market will continue to have access to independent calibrations in the future, with traceability to national standards and the independence of the correct measurements of liquid meters being permanently guaranteed." The construction of the new European Center for Flow Measurement was made possible by an additional grant intended for projects with a European dimension.