VSL Builds New European Center for Flow Measurement


New water flow calibration facility provides even greater capabilities for accurate and traceable calibrations and testing of industrial liquid flowmeters.

24 juni 2021, Delft - National Metrology Institute VSL has begun building a new 'European Center for Flow Measurement'. Starting next year, VSL will be able to calibrate and test industrial flowmeters in the new facility, which will be six times as large as their existing facility in Dordrecht.

"We will soon be able to perform calibrations and tests with an even wider range and with more modern techniques," says Erik Smits, Manager of Liquid Flow Metrology at VSL. "These types of calibrations are becoming increasingly important and must be performed with ever-increasing accuracy, for example because certain liquids are becoming more expensive - or scarcer, such as clean and safe drinking water."

A flowmeter measures the amount of liquid flowing through a pipe. This could be wastewater or liquid hydrogen, but also the amount of milk that goes into a milk carton at the factory. Another example is the consumption of fuel in an aircraft engine, where you can use measured values to optimize consumption and to be able to conduct research into new cleaner fuels. To be sure that these meters make correct and accurate measurements, they must be calibrated and tested periodically. VSL performs these services with its water flow calibration installation. It uses water to measure the flow through an industrial meter.

Importance of accurate measurements on the rise
It is expected that as products become scarcer or more expensive, the required tolerances of a liquid flowmeter will narrow. "In that case, it is important that calibrations are also carried out more accurately," Smits explains. "We can already calibrate flowmeters with a small diameter very accurately. Thanks to the new European Center for Flow Measurement, we will soon be able to do the same for larger diameters, and more accurately than before."

With the new European Center for Flow Measurement, the market will continue to have access to independent calibration services that are traceable to VSL's standards and where the independence of the correct measurements of flowmeters is permanently guaranteed.

The new European Center for Flow Measurement is contributing its fair share to the energy transition. "The search for more sustainable fuels creates a demand for new types of flowmeters to measure these new fuels. With its extensive calibration possibilities, our new installation will soon offer more possibilities for the development of these new meters, such as being able to further scale up to even larger diameters," says Smits.

At the same time, it is important to remain at the forefront of technological and scientific developments, and to offer manufacturers the opportunity to develop cutting-edge technology and have it independently tested. With the building of the new European Center for Flow Measurement, the possibility preserves the availability of (international) calibrations, tests and research carried out independently by a national metrological institute for fair trade, consumer confidence, science, industry and more.