VSL’s LNG facility filled for the first time


A new milestone in ‘cool’ flow measurement in the making. Today in Rotterdam we filled VSL’s LNG flow calibration and composition testing facility for the first time with Liquified Natural Gas. 

After the design, construction and testing phase with liquid nitrogen we can now start where we have been working towards, measurements with LNG. Together with many stakeholders, support of the Dutch government and EU we will make it possible to prove measurements made in the LNG industry with better confidence.

In the next weeks the VSL LNG team will test, check and calibrate the facility. When they are done the facility is accessible for customers to calibrate flow meters, test sampling systems and calibrate gas chromatographs. It will also be possible to research other inline equipment like temperature sensors in cryogenic conditions.

We hope to meet you soon in Rotterdam, The Netherlands to calibrate and test your LNG instrumentation.