Update: Temperature laboratory


We can now offer a limited range of calibrations:

  • Primary calibrations of SPRTs against our primary points between Mercury (-38 °C) and Zinc (419 °C) ,
  • And digital thermometers and resistance thermometers by comparison between -38 °C and 100 °C.

For your particular calibration requests, we ask you to contact us directly for possibilities. Due to current working conditions and limited personnel, our lead time is longer than you have expected from us in the past, we are unable at present to exactly quantify it. We ask for your continued understanding in this matter.

In consultation with the Dutch Accreditation council RvA we have voluntarily retracted part of our Temperature scope in line with our current capabilities. As we scale back up, we will keep you informed.

If you would like to contact VSL, please mail us at vsl@vsl.nl.

VSL management, 5 February 2020