Meet VSL at PEFTEC 2017


PEFTEC (Petroleum, Refining, Environmental Monitoring Technologies Conference) 2017 ( is a focused international conference and exhibition for Analytical Chemists, Scientists, Process Operators, Laboratory Personnel and Environmental Managers who work in and around the Petroleum, Refining, Chemical or Petrochemical industry.  PEFTEC will take place on 29th & 30th of November 2017 in Antwerp, Belgium and features over 80 free to attend technical workshops and an exhibition featuring over 250 Instrument and Service providers.

Topics and products featured at PEFTEC 2017 include laboratory testing and measurement, petrochemical analysis, emissions monitoring in air, water and soil, portable and field sampling, reference materials, oil analysis, calibration, international & industrial regulation, standards, quality assurance and measurement techniques & technologies. End-users at PEFTEC will have the perfect opportunity to network, source and compare products, discuss applications and technology with colleagues and other industry experts. PEFTEC will be a major networking opportunity. Please use this opportunity and get into contact with VSL! You may visit our booth in the exhibition area where you can get information about all of our services, including some very new services in the field of  energy gasses, oxygenated VOCs, mercury and PT schemes for siloxanes in biogas and biomethane. You also may ask for a hard copy of our new Gas Metrology waver (see photo), which can also be sent to you by postal services upon your e-mail request.

Furthermore PEFTEC presents three technical conferences: the Analytical Conference, Environmental Conference and Industrial Methane Measurement Conference. During the Environmental Conference on Wednesday the 29th of November Iris de Krom will present the latest results regarding comparable mercury vapour measurements.  Within the “Traceability for mercury measurements” project (MeTra; European Metrology Research Programme) a mercury vapour generator was developed to establish traceability of mercury vapour measurement results, based upon a gravimetric approach, for ambient air levels as well as higher concentrations. The development and characterization of the primary mercury vapour generator will be presented. Furthermore the results will be presented of two comparisons held to demonstrate the robustness and comparability of the novel primary standard. The novel primary mercury vapour generator will contribute to comparable measurement results of mercury vapour at ambient and background air levels, and also to higher safety standards and cost reductions in e.g. the LNG field, where aluminium main cryogenic heat exchangers are used which are particular prone to corrosion caused by mercury.  Furthermore the newly developed primary standard will be used within the just started “Metrology for oxidised mercury” project (MercOx; European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research) to establish and implement a traceable calibration methodology for the most important oxidised Hg species, especially for HgCl2. The Environmental Conference is entitled: Conference on managing & measuring emissions of gases and particles to the atmosphere from petrochemical and refining industries.

Please take notice that you have to register for the Environmental Conference separately if you want to attend the oral presentation by Iris de Krom about mercury.