How does digital transformation affect metrology?


In society digital transformation is everywhere. Metrology is also affected by digital transformation in many ways. Gertjan Kok, research scientist at VSL Dutch Metrology Institute discusses in his paper 'The digital transformation and novel calibration approaches', how new digital technologies have impact on the work and role of National Metrology Institutes like VSL.

What are the relevant mathematical and statistical aspects of the digital transformation for metrology institutes? What are the effects on the modelling of measurement instruments and the analysis of measurement data? Measurement instruments already use advanced algorithms developed by the artifcial intelligence (AI) community. Virtual instruments and digital twins (virtual representations of a physical object) have found their way into metrology. The use of these technologies has a significant impact on the traceability of measurements and the calibration of instruments.

In his interesting paper Gertjan Kok discusses the effects of digitalization on the practice and future of metrology. He also asks (and answers) the question if technologies like AI and digital twins can take over part of the tasks of a metrology institute.

You can download the paper 'The digital transformation and novel calibration approaches' here.