VSL provides high accurate standard facilities to the Government Laboratory of Hong Kong


Commissioned by the Government Laboratory of Hong Kong, VSL has built high accurate facilities for the gravimetric preparation of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) standards. They enable the chemistry team in Hong Kong to produce traceable liquid and gas reference materials for the calibration of analytical equipment used for the monitoring of air quality. 

VOCs are gases present in the air at traces levels and they are released from daily used products, such as fuels, paintings, inks, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, pesticides, furnishings and building materials. They can cause harm to human health and to the environment. To improve air quality and control VOC emissions, stringent regulations and limit values have been set at national or regional levels worldwide.

The facilities allow the preparation of liquid and gas mixtures by gravimetric method (weight). For this purpose, high precision balances have been (semi)-automated to minimize the human error. In addition, an in-house developed software package controls the preparation process, acquire the data and calculate the mixture composition and associated uncertainty. 

With these facilities multi-component (15 or more) VOC reference materials, even at part-per-billion level (1x10-9), can be produced!

At the begin of March 2018, our experts Dr. Jianrong Li and Mr. Peter van Otterloo, installed the facilities at location and trained the staff on the use and preparation of the standards. 

We wish the Chemistry team of the Government Laboratory of Hong Kong lots of success in future with developing VOC standards!

For more information, contact Annarita Baldan, abaldan@vsl.nl.