VSL releases first results of flow meters calibrated in cryogenic conditions at its LNG test facility


VSL’s LNG Research and Calibration facility has delivered its first SI-traceable LNG flow meter calibrations results. A total of six flow meters from five leading flow meter manufacturers were calibrated in the test facility using liquid nitrogen.
Apart from the calibrations themselves, effects of upstream flow disturbances and of insulation of the flow meters were investigated. The results are summarized in a publicly available paper which can be downloaded here.

These results mark a big step in the development of the facility towards its ultimate goal of performing midscale LNG flow and composition calibrations. VSL is proud of these achievements and thanks everyone who has contributed to the results. For more information please see lngmetrology.info or contact our colleague Menne Schakel.


VSL’s LNG Research and Calibration facility in the port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.