At the biennial Conference International de Metrology (CIM2017) (to be held in Paris 19-21 September). VSL representatives experts will report on the progress and results of the European Metrology for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Metrology for Biogas projects.

The “Metrology for LNG” project aims to enable the large scale LNG roll-out as a transport fuel, underpinned with a solid metrological infrastructure.
Highlights in Metrology for LNG are:
- the construction of a unique LNG flow meter calibration and research facility in the Rotterdam harbour area,
- the development of sampling techniques for adequate composition measurements,
- the development of a validated Equation of State for the prediction of the density at cryogenic conditions,
- experiments to validate a new algorithm for the calculation of the methane number (a parameter to address engine knocking) from the composition.

The “Metrology for Biogas” project aims to enable the gas industry to reliably measure key properties of biogas and biomethane to demonstrate conformity with the specifications for injection of biomethane into the natural gas grid and use as vehicle fuel.
Highlights in Metrology for Biogas are:
- the development of  novel traceable methods for the measurement of the contents of key trace-level impurities in biogas and biomethane (e.g. siloxanes, aromates and halogenated hydrocarbons),
- robust analytical capabilities for the measurement of the particulate content and water content (dew point),
- methods for the measurement of the calorific value, heat capacity, and density,
- a traceable method for determining the concentration of biomethane in samples of blended biomethane and natural gas,
- robust methods for sampling biogas and biomethane in the field, and to enable the biogas industry to perform robust and traceable quality assessment measurements.

Our experts will also give an outlook on two follow-up projects, both in the EMPIR programme, called Metrology for LNG III and Metrology for Biomethane, respectively, which have started June 1st 2017. See you in Paris, and in any case don’t miss session S8: New Age energy!