"Sensors for gas analysis"


Sensors are the antennae of the digital world. They have been used for years in all kinds of applications for the observation of e.g. temperature, light and movement. Because of ongoing innovations, sensors become more and more affordable and can be used for various purposes. For example in self-driving cars, computer games and in robots. But what about the latest innovations regarding sensors for gas analysis? During the 14th edition of the annual Theme Day Gas Analysis the presentations will be dominated by sensors for gas analysis. How can gas sensors contribute to the safety in a laboratory? What are the gas sensors for the future made of and what are the latest developments regarding sensors for biogas and natural gas. How do gas sensors work in practice during measurements regarding air quality and what about the validation of gas sensors?

Herewith, VSL and the NEN Norm committee 310 158 Gas Analysis think to present an extremely fascinating programme and hope to attract your interest if you are able to understand the Dutch language as almost all lectures will be in Dutch. The day will finish with a tour through different VSL laboratories, followed by the opportunity for some more discussion with a drink and some snacks. Click here for the programme and here to register.