Metrology for sustainable hydrogen energy applications


On 7 & 8 November the international workshop Metrology for sustainable hydrogen energy applications will be held at Air Liquide, R & D Center - Paris-Saclay.

This workshop is dedicated to the hydrogen community, industries and R&D communities at the cutting-edge of the technologies for hydrogen production, distribution, storage, gas analyzers and fuel cells manufacturers and OEM in the automotive sector and standardization developing organizations who are keen to promote the hydrogen energy sector.

The main objective of the workshop is to highlight the results of the European metrology project Hydrogen aiming at:
- addressing standardization needs on hydrogen purity, analytical methods
- developing and validating traceable methods for measuring the hydrogen mass absorbed in metal hydrid storage tanks

The workshop will feature a range of industry and metrology research speakers.
These days are the opportunity to showcase the most significant and promising developments and results in hydrogen fuel quality and storage in real use conditions. The workshop is focused on scientific-oriented approach to communicating science driven by the industrial needs faced with metrology and regulatory issues.

More information about the workshop and the program can be found here.

Air Liquide will host the workshop at new premises of R&D Centre. Visits of the Hydrogen Refuelling Station and laboratories are planned.