Production of Primary Reference Materials for VOCs at trace levels

VSL has started a special programme to collect client enquiries for 3 types of high accuracy gas mixtures in compressed gas cylinders containing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) at trace levels.
These gas standards are used for the calibration of equipment in Air Quality monitoring.

These gas mixtures are Primary Reference Materials (PRM), the gas standards with the highest metrological accuracy and traceability, or Research Gas Mixtures (RGM), the gas standards in development with the best metrological accuracy and traceability. Once a minimum number of subscriptions are collected per gas mixture type, VSL will carry out the production. A more efficient production of these complex gas mixtures, results in costs reduction and therefore in a more interesting price for our clients!

You can subscribe downloading the registration form and by sending it not later than 31 July 2019 to the CRM Programme team by e-mail or by post to the contact details below.

- Registration form
- ​Fact sheet VOC Programme

Contact details:
CRM Programme team
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Thijsseweg 11
2629 JA Delft
The Netherlands